Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

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Our Fossil Shell Flour is Pure Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth. It is of the highest quality available, being greater than 99.5% amorphous silica and less than 1/2% crystalline silica.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Used product around the kitchen fridge, most importantly around teh baseboards, bathroom around the baseboard but not at the tub nor where your feet normally. Not a health reason but just to make sure your socks and feet do not carry the dust everywhere. Must be applied sparingly, if you put too much the crawlers (cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, termites, etc.) will view it as an obstacle and just walk around it. Also if you put too much around the baseboards such as I did in my apartment, you will quicklyl find that there are numerous air leaks around the baseboards that tend to blow the diatomaceous earth around. I breathed in too much of it and my throat began to get irritated, and as soon as the dust died down I was fine. So you might want to wear a hospital type face mask just to reduce the likelihood of your breathing the stuff while you are applying it. Have not used their dispensers but I use a small 1 cm wide paint brush to brush it along the baseboards, and also put some in a “Heinz” mustard bottle, the squeezable type, and I found that to work but it also spreads a lot of it, so the paint brush is useful. Still when you get you bag of it, do not spoon it onto the floors, it will put way way too much. You just want to make sure you put a fine powder down on the floor at the baseboards. Keep away from fans, air conditoniers, fridge and freezer fans as the dust will get blown around. I saw a video on the net where a man put a cockroach in a glass bottle and filmed it while it slow died. The diatomaceous earth cuts their shell and they die from dehydration. The diatomaceous earth is used in a lot of food products as a dessicant and a anti-clumping agent. That is why your salt, sugar and powders flow easily; of course other products are sadly used.

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